The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer ! (Chit Show)

Get ready for a wild ride with “The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer! (Chit Show)” video by Alfred Montaner. This video compilation is filled with hilarious and jaw-dropping boat ramp mishaps that will leave you both amused and amazed. From boats spinning out of control to unexpected plunges into the water, these clips capture the chaotic and unpredictable nature of boating accidents. But don’t worry, the video also provides plenty of laughs as those involved try to navigate their way out of these sticky situations. Brace yourself for an entertaining and thrilling viewing experience as you witness these unforgettable boat ramp fails unfold before your eyes.

In this eye-opening video, Alfred Montaner takes you on a wild ride filled with chit show moments at the boat ramp. Get ready to witness boats being launched with little success, resulting in hilarious crashes and unexpected situations. From a lost Bimini top to boats floating away, this compilation showcases the unpredictable and often comedic side of boating. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained as you watch the wild and unforgettable moments that occur at boat ramps during the summer season.

The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer! (Chit Show)

The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer ! (Chit Show)


Welcome to the world of boat ramp fails, where summer fun often turns into hilarious mishaps and chaotic moments. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at some of the most outrageous and entertaining boat ramp fails captured on video by Alfred Montaner. From lost Biminis to unexpected encounters with crocodiles, get ready for a wild ride of laughter and disbelief!

Bimini Lost

One common theme in boat ramp fails is the difficulty of driving a boat, as demonstrated in the “Bimini Lost” videos. These videos showcase individuals struggling to maneuver their boats, resulting in hilarious and sometimes disastrous consequences. From the classic “whiskey throttle to the dock” mishap to the sheer challenge of driving a boat, these fails remind us that boating skills aren’t as easy as they may seem.

Betrayal on the Boat Ramp

Sometimes, boat ramp fails involve the feeling of betrayal. Imagine losing control of your boat and desperately trying to hold on, only to have to let it go. The sense of betrayal is real in these moments, as captured in the videos. It’s a reminder to always hold on tight to your beloved boat and to be prepared for the unexpected.

Spinner Mishaps

If you’ve ever driven a bumper car, you can probably relate to the spinner mishaps at boat ramps. These videos show boats spinning out of control, crashing into other boats, and causing a chaos reminiscent of a carnival ride. The inability to control the boat in these situations leads to humorous and often jaw-dropping moments. It’s a reminder to always keep a firm grip on the wheel and be aware of your surroundings.

The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer ! (Chit Show)

Black Point Marina Madness

Boat ramp fails can take a dangerous turn, as seen in the videos that showcase encounters with crocodiles at Black Point Marina. The thrill of seeing exotic wildlife quickly turns into panic as boats start floating away and individuals find themselves face-to-face with these powerful creatures. The reactions of the police officers in these situations add an extra layer of entertainment, as they navigate the unexpected challenges presented by nature.

The Chit Show Continues

In the realm of boat ramp fails, the “Chit Show” continues with more unforgettable moments. From unusual boat movements that leave everyone puzzled, to close encounters with crocodiles that add an extra adrenaline rush, the Chit Show offers a continuous stream of laughter and disbelief. It’s a reminder that no matter how well-prepared you think you may be, the boat ramp can always surprise you.

The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer ! (Chit Show)

Foreign Boat Ramp Fails

Language barriers and confusion with boat types create a perfect recipe for boat ramp fails. These videos show hilarious mishaps as individuals struggle to communicate or misunderstand instructions. It’s a reminder that boating can be a universal language, but it’s essential to be aware of cultural nuances and differences to avoid misunderstandings and potentially embarrassing situations.

Clear Water Adventures

Amidst the boat ramp fails, there are still moments of clear water adventures. The Black Point Marina offers an opportunity for exploration and enjoyment, away from the chaos of the ramp. These videos showcase the natural beauty of the marina and its surroundings, reminding us that boating is not always about laughter but can also be a peaceful and serene experience.

The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer ! (Chit Show)

Hello from the Chicho

In a live video at Black Point Marina, Alfred Montaner introduces himself as the Chicho and engages with individuals like Joe and Abel. This personal interaction adds a friendly and welcoming tone to the boat ramp fails, making viewers feel like part of a community. The Chicho’s enthusiasm and camaraderie with the people at the marina create an atmosphere of fun and inclusivity.


To recap, boat ramp fails provide endless entertainment and remind us to laugh at ourselves when things don’t go as planned. From lost Biminis and spinner mishaps to dangerous encounters with crocodiles, these videos capture the unpredictable nature of boating. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready to experience the excitement and hilarity of the Chit Show – the very best boat ramp fails of summer!

The Very Best Boat Ramp Fails of Summer ! (Chit Show)

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