2023-09-08 Fort Myers

A wonderful two day birthday trip to Ft. Myers Beach, Fl for Judy.

We ate at Doc Ford’s Thursday noon and toured the islands hit by hurricane IAN (lots of properties are just gone) . Then Thursday night we went to the “Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre” in Ft. Myers to see “Murder on the Orient Express”. That was great!!

Then Friday we took out a boat from Freedom Boat Club at Salty Sam’s. We toured Sanibel Island and Tarpon Bay Preserve and finished with lunch at Matanzas. A great trip.

Our prayers go out to those still working to put Ft. Myers Beach back together and to those whose property was completely destroyed.

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Written by saltyboatingADM

Dolphins playing catch with bait fish

When hurricane IAN plants a boat in your restaurant.

2023-09-08 Ft Myers FL